We love to DJ and will play music for any occasion, but our specialty is Weddings. Weddings are the reason we coined the phrase “DJ Specialist.” Any DJ can come in and play some music. A lot of DJ’s will come in and play only the type of music that they like, or the type of music they know how to mix. We play the music that you want to hear and that will keep everyone dancing the entire night. We also act as the Master of Ceremonies. Some DJ’s will make announcements, but a DJ specialist will make sure everyone knows what is happening. We practice our announcements to make sure they are not monotonous, and everyone will hear what we say. We have also been found checking in with guests making sure everyone heard the announcement and before we make the announcement we make sure that everyone is ready for the next event especially the Bride and Groom.

To make sure everyone and everything is ready for the next event we have a checklist that we have to go through. For example for an event like the cutting of the cake we have a check list that would look something like this:

Cake Cutting

  • Check in with Bride And Groom.
  • Check in with Catering Staff.
  • Check in with Photographer.
  • Check in with Videographer.
  • Check in with Coordinator.
  • Check in with anyone else that needs to be ready.
  • Make sure there is a plate with a 2 forks and a knife at the cake table.
  • Make sure the Bride and Grooms champagne glasses are at the cake table.
  • Make sure the Brides Bouquet is at the cake table.
  • Cue the song that was picked for the Cake Cutting
  • Announce the Cake cutting so all the guests know what is about to happen.
  • Play the song.
  • Make sure all the guests know the cake cutting is happening.
  • After they are done cutting the cake tell the guests what is about to happen:

“I Hope you are all ready for some dessert because the bride and groom just finished cutting their piece of cake and now the catering staff will cut up the rest of the cake and bring it back out for you. If you don’t get a piece of cake from a waiter they will be putting the rest of the cake on the buffet table and you can help yourself. While we are waiting for dessert to come out I would like to open the dance floor back up. Let me know what you want to hear and I will try to play it.”

We do that for every event that will happen during the night, from Bouquet toss, to toasts. There is a lot more involved than just playing music and we do it all seamlessly. The dancing doesn’t stop while we are taking care of the coordination of your wedding day. We are prepared and ready for anything. Because if one person says they are not ready for the next event we will continue the dancing until everyone is ready.

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